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A summer's end in all it's glory!

There is magic in a single seed; it's a gift of ombré colors.

The promise of a summer’s end, bountiful, buoyant, beautiful.

Even though summer is coming to a close, in the next month or so it will give us the very best it has to offer. This is the time of the season that I find so amazing.

Annual plantings are exploding out of their containers and over their borders with every color imaginable.

Farmers markets are bustling with the season’s harvest of all the things we love about summer.

Fresh corn on the cob, vine ripened tomatoes and bunches of fresh cut flowers grown locally by family-owned farms and businesses are available in plenty.

Sights and smells of nature’s finest gifts abound in these final weeks of summer.

There are breezy days and cooler nights; and although the days are becoming shorter, there is still time to go on an adventure or rest comfortably outside on a quiet afternoon.

Now is the perfect time to embrace every remaining moment with stillness, appreciation and gratitude.

Summer will eventually come to an end, but as it passes it will usher in a new fall season full of its own unique awe and wonder.

Wait patiently as it circles around and makes its way back again finding you as you are, as you continue your journey through another year, another season, another summer's end.

The good news is you can continue to enjoy the many wonderful colors of summer all year long with new floral earrings - just added to the Floral Designs Collection in my online store.

Each is a genuine one-of-a-kind design featuring hand-painted floral elements by local artist, Gerry Florida.

You can find Gerry's hand painted beads in her Etsy shop, FloridaRecycled.

Learn more about Gerry, her artistic accomplishments and jewelry at her website

I hope your summer’s end is bountiful and beautiful.

Shop the entire Floral Designs Collection!

With timeless jewelry that's always in fashion-

Warm regards,


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