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Finding magic in the moment and in jewelry

“There are no ordinary moments, each one magic, each one. When you start to give the same importance and presence to all moments in your life, the sacred nature of life starts to reveal itself.” (Excerpt from an untitled poem in The Real Reason You Have Lungs, by Allegra King)

Once summer ends and autumn begins, I’m not always sure exactly how I feel. Here in Pittsburgh, we quickly got a very cold snap of weather in the first weeks of the season and I immediately turned toward feeling loss and sadness.

However, recent weeks have been exceptionally sunny and warm. It has been just spectacular; what a turnaround! Color is exploding, sights and sounds of Autumn are everywhere. It’s an energetic and vibrant feeling, a time to be joyful.

As inspiration for this post, I foraged and gathered items that represent the color, texture and mood of Autumn. In doing this, I discovered a new appreciation of the season as a period of transition, change, growth, slumber and renewal. I was reminded that we as humans need the changing seasons in order to appreciate all of what life and nature have to offer year around.

I arranged all of my seasonal findings on a tray and saw how naturally they compliment each other. It seemed like a living and breathing vignette staring back at me with a sense of awe and wonder. I immediately felt grateful for the inward experience of reflection this brought me.

As days have passed since I gathered my autumn treasures, I notice that most of the natural elements are withering, some more quickly than others. This lends itself to remind me that nothing is permanent, change is inevitable, and life is precious.

I realized with this exercise that I spend too much time looking at the past and into the future. It reminds me of the value of staying grounded and present.

If I make a practice of noticing and appreciating everything that is around me moment by moment, no matter what time of the year, day, hour or minute, I can be assured that at least for a fragment in time my worries drift away and a sense of calm takes over.

I don’t know about you but this is a tall order for me. It seems it should be easy, yet I find it so hard. It’s like trying to teach an old dog new tricks.

I would like to think of it as a feasible tool and if I have the presence of mind to remember to use it, it could truly be life-changing. Image what a gift we could give ourselves, if we give it a try.

Another practical tool (or accessory) that you should always have close by? Take a guess.

Jewelry can always add new spark and color to your personal fashion style.

Maybe it's not life changing, but it can certainly bring a bit of magic to any moment.

Come take a look at what's new.

With timeless jewelry that’s always in fashion -

Warm regards,


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