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"Fashion changes but style endures". . .

*Model - Francesca Serapiglia, *Stylist - Nika Lemle, *Photographer - Tom Marvel

I find that there is much deeper meaning within this quote by Coco Chanel.

Might I also add that in time, all things come full circle.

Remember cat eyes from the 60's, wide bell bottom jeans and macrame everything from the 70’s . . . look around; in 2021 they are everywhere!

It doesn’t matter whether it’s home furnishings, clothing, make-up, hair or jewelry, it all comes back in a some variation or another.

As humans we naturally resist change, but we love nostalgia. We hesitate in taking risks and would rather gravitate to our happy place(s).

From a personal perspective I like to think of a new fashion trend as something fleeting, fun and exciting; something I may want to try - or dare to try.

Style on the other hand is something I own. It’s an integral part of the personality I project into the world that always shows up no matter what.

If and when I can successfully put those two things together, it’s magic!

I know it’s not always easy, but each time we gather the courage to add something new to our personal style, we give ourselves permission to move forward, embracing our most precious past, while keeping in perfect step with what is before us.

It may seem superficial at face value, but on a deeper level it really matters. When you can physically present yourself in a way that feels authentic and true, it’s power through and through. It’s not only about looking great, but more importantly it’s about feeling great too.

Vintage-inspired jewelry is a perfect example of enduring style in a world of ever changing fashion. It's a reflection of another time and place, it speaks to you in the here and now, and it becomes part of your legacy as it's handed off to begin another full circle journey.

Vintage-inspired jewelry works perfectly with new fashion trends, basic staples and everything in between. It never fails to deliver something special.

Come take a look. Maybe you will find something new to add to your personal style!

With timeless jewelry that’s always in fashion -

Warm regards,


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