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The jewelry you wear can be so much more than just jewelry . . .

An interesting or entertaining motif can conjure a full range of emotions, from sympathy and sadness to joy and laughter and everything in between.

Themes, subject matter, characters, materials and motifs conspire with a jewelry artist to create something unique and one-of-a-kind that furnishes you with an expression of what you most love and appreciate, something special for you to wear and share with those around you.

Creative themes of nature express what we find most beautiful and awe-inspiring.

Symbols of wisdom and spirituality display what we believe and hold dear within our souls.

Tokens of history and humanity honor the legacy of the past and provide a source of inspiration and reflection in current times.

Whimsical characters supply us with fun and entertainment.

Personal objects foster sentiments, heartfelt feelings and memories.

The jewelry you choose to purchase and wear either for yourself or someone else can be anything you want it to be.

  • It can be captivating and empowering.

  • It can bring about amusement and joy.

  • It can be deeply emotional and spiritual.

  • It can facilitate healing and good energy.

  • It can make you feel beautiful and confident.

  • It can be a symbol of honor and memory.

This list could go on and on; the sky is the limit!

Your jewelry can be a valuable asset to you and your personal dreams and visions.

Your jewelry can be a powerful tool for you to use daily to convey self-confidence and personal style.

Your jewelry can be a true expression of the unique, rare and exceptional individual that you are.

New one-of-a-kind Over The Top Pin Pendants are a perfect display of personality, whimsy, nostalgia, color and beauty.

They literally gave me life creating them these past few months.

I absolutely love them and I am certain that they will always be met with interest, curiosity and fantastic conversation.

Come see What's New!

With timeless jewelry that’s always in fashion -

Warm regards,


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