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What's Your Jewelry Personality . . .

What are your favorite themes, motifs, colors, elements & style?  

We are drawn to what we instinctively love, whether we are decorating our homes, planting flower beds & gardens, choosing a car, buying clothes & accessories; the list goes on.

Jewelry, in particular can be most expressive of your personality & story.  Keep it simple or go deep depending the level of meaning & emotion you prefer.

You may love a bird motif simply because you like birds - or because birds signify happiness, joy & love.  You may wish to go deeper as to what birds or a particular bird species represents in a more spiritual way. 

From the color you choose to the beads, stones, motif & style you select,  these elements each can create as much significance as you desire.   Your jewelry can be a clear reflection of your personality & story, with meaning & emotion.

Make it fun! Choose something unique & original that speaks to you.

Only you will know the full measure & meaning. It’s your jewelry personality; you being uniquely you! 

With timeless jewelry that’s always in fashion - 

Warm regards,


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