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Genuine one-of-a-kind handmade jewelry created for independent individuals who wish to express their distinct personality and style. Shop unique artful designs that elevate fashion jewelry and highlight the benefit and beauty of recycled, rescued and repurposed materials. 




I bring to you genuine one-of-a-kind handmade jewelry that combines elements of the past with any number of mixed media art techniques, artisan-made components and traditional jewelry making skills. You will find that my designs are truly unique and are created wholeheartedly with you in mind. I wish to make you feel special, to experience an essence that speaks genuinely to your personality and style. With every purchase comes sincere love and appreciation packaged in “extra” special gift wrap that will immediately light you up the moment it's revealed. Each piece is personal, every purchase is significant and your experience is extremely important to me. I feel honor and privilege with each and every visit, and I am ever so grateful for your support. Find out more about me, my story, mission and purpose by clicking here.

Warm regards,


5-Star Google Reviews

Tracey Warren

I ordered a pair of earrings from A Silk Purse and I absolutely love them...but even more than that, the packaging and presentation were over the top and beautiful. So happy and I will be back to order again!

Jenny Musto

I love all of my one-of-a-kind pieces of jewelry from "A Silk Purse". Each piece is expertly crafted and I enjoy the special feeling I have when I wear them. I also enjoy the many compliments I receive from people who admire my selections and share my appreciation of unique jewelry crafted by someone with an eye for style and timeless fashion statements.

Mary Graber

A Silk Purse produces one of a kind jewelry with such exquisite attention to detail! I never have once worn a piece without getting comments from perfect strangers! 

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