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A Little Bit of Shabby & A Whole Lot of Chic - Vintage Earrings Re-Created for Today's Style

Patina'd Pastels - Original Design, One of a Kind, Vintage Inspired Statement Earrings - SOLD!

I love the patina that these vintage, what used to be screw-back earrings, have earned over time.  I am so glad that they found me to give them new life!

Even though they are worn from age & exposure to the elements they are still so pretty.  Through it all not one stone was missing; certainly heirloom quality & craftsmanship from back in the day.

I found these these the perfect opportunity to re-create & take to the next level; as due to their found condition, they did not hold much “vintage" value.

I removed the screw back components & added ear wires.  I attached beautiful round deco style dimensional vintage solid brass stampings & added gorgeous vintage Swarovski jewel tone vitrail crystal coin bead drops.  Finally, I dressed up the backs with some filigree & flash for the perfect finishing touch.

The colors are subtle rich pastels with flashes of jewel tone. The patina allows them to retain just a bit of personality from a bygone era.

They are really special; perfectly imperfect - just like you & I.

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