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Are you willing to ring your bells? What's your perfect offering?

“Ring the bells that can still ring.

Forget your perfect offering.

There is a crack, a crack in everything.

That’s how the light gets in.”

I fell in love with this verse from Leonard Cohen’s Anthem the first time I laid eyes on it a few years ago and I have had it posted in my workspace ever since.

It is a reminder to me that nothing is absolutely perfect and that our idea of what is considered perfect should change to recognize this.

Whatever it is about our personality, appearance, body image and/or other issues can be viewed with the idea that we embrace every bit with an appreciation of where we are and to understand that there is potential and possibility in each of us because of it.

It's permission to be O.K. with wherever we are in our journey right now. And, in the process we have the opportunity to see the light that finds its way through and use it as our super power.

It can be so hard to stay present. I will be the first to admit that I struggle daily to live in the moment. It’s a challenge when you have spent so much of your life, most likely since childhood, just wanting to be enough, to be accepted, to be perfect, to do it all and to have it all.

It’s a fantasy. Most of the time I am the only one who thinks that I am not enough, that I need to do more, that I need to be more or that I don’t have everything or everyone that I want in my life.

At this very moment I have enough and I am enough. This is my perfect offering!

Embrace yourself with acceptance to begin a personal journey of freedom.

We can all be perfectly imperfect, beautiful and amazing all at the same time.

Ring your bells! Empower yourself! Wear jewelry!

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Warm regards,


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