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It's perfect timing to celebrate late bloomers and new summer jewelry . . .

“You have to realize in this life and in your life that timing is everything.” Paul Orndorff

What exactly is perfect timing?

It's moments when everything falls into place, when running errands or tackling tasks feels effortless. It's like a symphony of opportunity and readiness.

Imagine being in the right place at the right time, experiencing the enchantment of serendipity.

Perfect timing is more than mere chance – it's an interplay of experiences, destiny, and a touch of the divine.

Imagine a scenario whereby you step into a bustling restaurant and end up getting seated just before a long line forms.

Or perhaps you decide to take an alternative route for no apparent reason, only to sidestep a massive traffic jam or an unexpected mishap.

It's a fortunate occurrence that feels like a wink from fate. These moments evoke a sense of harmony with the universe between circumstances and decisions.

Is it luck, or is it destiny?

Think about how the outcome of events often hinges on the minute details of their occurrence. Is it a coincidence, divine providence or a sort of celestial alignment? Looking back you can sometimes see that it's like pieces of puzzle falling into place or a perfect plan unfolding.

It’s interesting to put your own unique spin on it based on your beliefs, life circumstances, history and expectations.

Indulge your curiosity and let your mind wander. Speculation invites you to explore the concept of timing as you gaze in retrospect at the crossroads of your journey, imagining the diverging paths that could have been.

Think of events when hindsight reveals the details of timing. The moments where a small shift in a sequence of events could have painted an entirely different picture or have dictated another outcome. I have definitely recognized this at times in my own life.

There's comfort here and at the same time, unease in this realization. I believe that there are unseen forces always at play in our lives. I believe that they are good, that they know us and nudge us toward favorable outcomes.We just need to listen and take heed.

It's something that urges me to try to relinquish control, to savor the present moment and trust the journey; past, present and future. This doesn't come easily for me so it has to be a daily acknowledgement and intention. Dare I say, I try!

As for late bloomers and summer jewelry . . .

Just as nature blooms in its own time, it's never too late and the timing is always perfect for some remarkable new additions to the Floral Designs Collection.

Adorn yourself with timeless elegance and celebrate the essence of the season, please enjoy an exclusive 25% discount on your entire purchase for a limited time. Simply enter promo code SUMMER25 at checkout, and experience the joy of adorning yourself with treasures that transcend trends and seasons, and resonate with your personality and style.

Come see What’s New!

With timeless jewelry that’s always in fashion -

Warm regards,


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