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Jewelry Love! Wear it, Display it, Share it!

Jewelry-Vignette-Display-Cuff-Bracelet-Bangles-Artisan-A Silk Purse-Vintage-Lucite-Designer-Elizabeth Cole-Sweet Romance-Sorelli
Some of my favorite cuffs, bracelets & bangles artfully displayed on my dresser

I just love jewelry!

So much so that I had to become a jewelry artist/maker to satisfy my never ending desire for more jewelry!  

In this photo is the corner of my bedroom dresser where I have a mound of some, not all - mind you, of my favorite cuffs, bracelets & bangles.  Here you see a few of my original designs, a couple of vintage Italian lucite bangles that I purchased recently on Etsy; & multiple other designer/maker brands that I love such as Elizabeth Cole, Sweet Romance & Sorrelli. When I am not wearing my jewelry, I love to artfully arrange & display it.  It's just too pretty to put away & honestly, I would forget what I have if it were all put away!  Another advantage to keeping it within eye sight & arms reach is that it's easy to just grab one & go when I am heading out anywhere.

If you love to look at your jewelry as well as wear it, try displaying some of it.  You can create a jewelry vingette in any room of your home or include it in your existing home decor elements for a bit of added interest, color & sparkle!

Just go with it! Aside from wearing, it’s a another way to share & enjoy the beauty & artistry of your favorite fashion jewelry!

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