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The Magical Meaning of Color . . .

Aside from the purely aesthetic value of color, it can also provide meaning and purpose in our daily lives.

Color will immediately stimulate our sense of sight and smell as well as set the mood and/or emotion at any given time, place or event. You can simply choose certain colors at face value, dip in or dive deep into the spiritual, physical and psychological aspects of color.

For me, I like dipping; to get familiar with the basics without delving in too much. Knowing that certain colors can serve a purpose or create a mood, I can make choosing them interesting and fun.

Panache is exuberant in its color, contrast & texture

Panache is flamboyant for its overall color and style. This is enough reason to choose it and love wearing it. However, if you look separately at the simple meaning of the colors you may find a personal purpose in choosing Panache.

Orange is warm and affectionate. Yellow is bright and happy. Pink is soft and feminine. Violet is spiritual and healing. Gold is for wealth and power and Chartreuse, a variation of green, is for money and good luck.

The next time you put together a styled look, think about your color choices, how they make you feel and how they portray your personal expression. Have fun with color and make it a daily adventure!

Panache is one-of-a-kind design. It is part of my Color and Contrast series and is available now in the store.

With timeless jewelry that's alway in fashion -

Warm regards,


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