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What an Amazing Transformation . . .

Imagine my delight when I learned that you could make jewelry from empty toilet tissue rolls!

A couple of weeks ago I came across an Instagram post advertising an online instruction event featuring artist Debra Rapoport hosted by VAWAA (Vacation With An Artist). It was called Cuffs As Wearable Art. I decided to check it out.

Cuffs As Wearable Art Made By Combining Repurposed Everyday Materials with Vintage Trims & Treasures

I'm so glad I did. It was awe inspiring! I love Debra’s unique and whimsical approach to her art, craft and lifestyle. She's an accomplished artist, activist and teacher. After witnessing what she does with simple and recycled materials, I want to save everything! I do save a lot of stuff and as an artist, I fully understand what she means when she says that objects and materials speak to her. Debra creates all kinds of wearable art by repurposing found materials. Her innovative creativity and imagination are truly impressive.

As a long time maker & collector of all things vintage I was thrilled to gather some of the everyday materials, including empty toilet tissue rolls, that Debra suggested, and dig into my stash for trim and treasure to meet the challenge.

It was fun just to revisit the hoard of stuff that I have stashed away over the years. After all you never know when you might need that old lampshade trim or vintage hat netting! Who knows how long I have had them, but I they sure came in handy to embellish my new cuffs.

Toilet Tissue Roll, Vintage Ephemera, Grocery Produce Netting, Assorted Trims & A Snippet of Inspiration

These are no joke! They were so much fun to make and I absolutely love them. And yes, I can assure you, I will wear them!

Who knows - maybe I’ll add them to the store as a new collection some day. Let me know what you think.

I'm grateful to Debra for sharing her wondrous talent and insight. Her joyful approach is contagious and liberating. It might even be addicting!

You can find and follow Debra on Instagram @debrarapoport.

Stay tuned . . .

With timeless jewelry that’s always in fashion -

Warm regards,


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