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A Bit of Jewelry History - A Guilloché Rose

If you are a vintage jewelry lover, you are surely familiar with seeing this type of “rose” motif, typically referred to as Guilloché (pronounced gee-oh-shay) used often in vintage jewelry.

What you may not know, however (as I didn’t!), is that it is not the painted rose that is at the heart of this technique, but it is the swirled engraved background design on the metal. Take a close look & you will clearly see it.  It is produced using a special lathe or “rose machine” & originally dates back to the 17th century!

This technique became most popular during the Victorian era & was used to enhance the appearance of watches, fine & costume jewelry, compacts & vanity bags, along with all sorts of other decorative & vanity items.

Guilloché Enamel, which is typically what we see in vintage jewelry (as shown here) is metal that has been given the Guilloché treatment, then covered with a thin translucent layer of enamel which enhances the patterns underneath & allows for a hand-painted motif to be easily applied.

It's so pretty, so feminine & so rich looking! I am always drawn to it & feel extremely lucky when I can rescue & re-use it in a one-of-a-kind jewelry design.

Romancing the Rose Statement Earrings feature rescued Guilloché Enamel Rose Motif Focals & are currently available in my one line store. Come take a closer look!

With timeless jewelry that is always in fashion -

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Unknown member
Feb 21, 2020

I'm interested in the dragon fly bracelet is it available and how much ?

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