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A children’s book, a real life lesson, a magical new chapter, and some new jewelry!

“He said, you become. It takes a long time.”

(an excerpt from The Velveteen Rabbit by Margery Williams)

I came across this beautiful Velveteen Rabbit when I was out and about the other day and I fell in love with it. I wasn’t planning any Easter decorating this year, even though I usually decorate for the holiday and I have more than enough bunnies in storage.

Why did I need to have this one? I didn’t know exactly at that moment but I felt there was a reason and I knew it would come to me.

I remembered hearing about a children’s book called The Velveteen Rabbit. I honestly wasn’t familiar with the story as I don’t remember having read it or having it read to me as a child so I decided to research it.

I found that it’s a sweet little story published in 1921 with a beautiful message and a powerful meaning.

It tells the story of a stuffed velveteen rabbit that was very much loved by a young boy who saw him as real. It just so happened that circumstances changed and the boy was no longer able to keep him. The velveteen rabbit was discarded and finds himself heartbroken. Once shiny and new, he was now worn, torn and tattered from all of the years of being this little boys best friend and companion.

Lost and alone, the velveteen rabbit feels hopeless and discouraged so much so that he cries a real tear. The tear drops to the ground and a beautiful flower appears. A fairy steps out from the flower, and with her enchanted power transforms the velveteen rabbit into a real one. She tells him that because he was real to the boy who loved him so much she would take him away and make him real to everyone.

The velveteen rabbit realizes now that his life is not over. He is now free to join all of the other real rabbits in the forest to live his life to the fullest.

What a wonderful message! We should all be so lucky as the velveteen rabbit. There is hope, wonder and magic in this story that we can all take with us as we move through our lives.

Young, old and everywhere between there are opportunities, possibilities and potential. Each chapter in our life can be an extension of the previous one or a completely new one. Often times we get to choose our chapters, and other times we are placed in them as life happens.

This story reminds me that there is magic in love and love in magic. Anything is possible if we believe it is. It brings tears to my eyes as I reflect on my chapters, past, present and future. I am also filled with awe and wonder for what’s next. How about you?

I needed this velveteen rabbit to remind me of what is possible; that it’s never too late and we are never too old to follow our heart, our hopes and our dreams.

And by the way, there's new jewelry - you can find it here!

I hope you have a blessed and beautiful Easter and Passover weekend!

With timeless jewelry that’s always in fashion -

Warm regards,


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