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A Timeless Treasure - A Vintage Keepsake Locket

A locket is typically a pendant that opens to reveal a space to hold a keepsake or a photo. 

Lockets have been around for centuries, but became most fashionable & affordable during the Victorian period (circa 1827 - 1901). 

Lockets can be found in many shapes & sizes; most commonly as a pendant worn as a necklace but also a charm on a bracelet or even more rarely as a ring focal.

This vintage locket has been re-fashioned into a beautiful, timeless statement necklace.

It is embellished with a vintage reverse painted glass cabochon & is suspended from a vintage gingerbread brass bow stamping.  Multiple vintage beaded chains make this necklace a show stopper.  They consist of a double length of vintage Japanese translucent pink opal round &  bamboo glass beads along with a length of clear faceted crystal rosary beads.

The locket pendant opens to reveal a nice medium size space to hold 1 or 2 photos and/or a small personal keepsake.  

This necklace is the perfect example of timeless jewelry style that never goes out of fashion.

It is currently available in my on-line store.  Come take a look!

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