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An Artist's Inspiration . . .

No matter what the artist's medium is, inspiration can always be found in nature.

These red peonies came from my mother's garden. Always her favorite, they bloom in my garden now.

Not only can we draw from the colors and textures found in nature, we can also draw from our experience with nature in whatever instance(s) may compel our senses. Memories are triggered by the sights and smells. Emotions can be aroused by a particular flower, bird, butterfly or insect that is familiar. Maybe there is a story to be had or one to be told. Inspiration in nature is abundant and endless. With the sky as the limit and everything in between, an Artist's inspiration awaits.

Plant some flowers, walk in nature, or just take in the awe and wonder of it all. You may find yourself inspired to create something wonderful and amazing - over and over again!

Colliding Colors is a new original design, one-of-a-kind art jewelry cuff bracelet that is part of my Color & Contrast series. It's available now.

With timeless jewelry that's always in fashion -

Warm regards,


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