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It's An Evolving Creative Process -

Creating a unique piece of art jewelry for me is always an evolving creative process. Aside from sketching an idea once in awhile so I don't forget it, I create my designs by putting materials, components, parts and pieces together; mocking them up, considering how best to assemble and visualizing what the finished piece will look like.

I buy components that I like, ones that spark my imagination or just make me happy, without anything specific in mind. Sometimes I go right to work if something really excites me, but much of the time I wait and when the inspiration strikes, I begin the creative process.

A New Necklace, Assemblage Art Jewelry - Work in Progress!

This necklace started with an assortment of vintage and reproduction raw brass stampings. I decided to paint and stack them to create a colorful floral starburst theme as the basic structure. I added a few more painted brass flourishes along with translucent vintage lucite flowers to fill in. A vintage glass cabochon takes center stage and colored vintage rhinestones pull all of the other elements together.

I am definitely going with the vintage patterned glass beaded chain shown above for around the neck using a front closure, but I am not sure yet exactly how I will complete the lower portion. Right now I am planning on adding lengths of small link or beaded chain to create a section of fringe or a tassel in the center. I will most likely finish the chain lengths with a number of beads like the contemporary Swarovski rhinestone tube beads shown in the photo or something else, maybe glass pearls or colored crystal beads. I will have to wait and see what works best to perfectly finish this design.

It will be a little while before this piece is finished and available in the store. This type of jewelry construction for me takes time. I often walk away and work on other things when I am doing this type of art jewelry. It just depends; everything needs to be just right!

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Get ready! Show your smile and show your style!

With timeless jewelry that's always in fashion -

Warm regards,


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