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Color + Jewelry = Joy!

I’m just going to say it - Colorful jewelry can bring you JOY!  

I was recently introduced to a new book titled “Joyful”  written by Ingrid Fetell Lee.

I have only just begun reading it but I couldn’t wait to share with you a bit about the wonderful subject of JOY.

According to psychologists, the definition of JOY is “an intense momentary feeling of positive emotion”.  

In scientific studies it has been shown that pops of color, along with certain shapes, patterns, lightness & elevation have been shown to promote JOY.  Balloons, bubbles, confetti, ice cream sprinkles, fireworks & rainbows are just a few examples of tangible things that bring us JOY.

JOY is measured by expressions such as smiles & laughter; it is contagious.  JOY is simple & immediate, fleeting moments that can add up to long term happiness.  JOY gives us energy, counteracts the effects of stress, makes us more resilient & more physically attractive.  JOY opens our minds to new ideas, provides for a positive mindset & makes us more successful.

Embrace your JOY; it is the child within you. You may find that it brings happiness & abundance into your life.

So for me, I’m all in!

Come visit my on line store, even if just to look. There you will find lots of colorful jewelry & hopefully a bit of JOY.

With timeless jewelry that's always in fashion -

Warm regards,


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