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Artisanal! 2020 Jewelry Trends . . .

Chunky, Bold, Brilliant & Statement are some of the terms that I am seeing when it comes to what is trending this year in fashion jewelry.

Another is “Artistic" and/or “Artisanal" as it applies to the desire to wear something uniquely designed & created by an individual that provides for a human connection.

The idea that we can slow down & celebrate the art in what we buy, promote & wear makes finding just the right item more of an experience than just another purchase.

This approach to spending allows for a broader impact, from supporting local talent to the personal joy of owning a piece of the human story that comes with it.

As artists/makers continue to have opportunities to share beautiful things with the world, every customer contributes with their buying power to bring more originality & creativity into the market place.

This is truly a winning combination!  Enrich your life with beauty, gain more human connection, buy without guilt & bring joy into the world around you!

Now is a perfect opportunity to come take a look!

With timeless jewelry that is always in fashion -

Warm regards, Suzanne

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