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Herbie - Portrait by @denielledesantisart

Herbie was a feisty little rescue that came into my life almost exactly 6 years ago from the day he passed over the Rainbow Bridge this past December.

He was a special fellow with special needs. I didn’t know much about his history or previous life prior to adopting him, except that he was found abandoned on the streets of Youngstown, OH.

I could tell that he was loved by someone - most likely a female, because he was lovable in his own way & on his own terms. He was my special work in progress & I was his.

I am so lucky to have had the privilege of giving him his forever home & being the recipient of his unconditional love.

He will be forever be a significant part of my life, my growth, my creativity & my heart.

This beautiful portrait was created from a photo by a talented Pittsburgh artist, Denielle DeSantis @denielledesantisart

She captures his essence so perfectly - it’s stunning & so special. I will cherish it.

With timeless jewelry that is always in fashion -

Warm regards,


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