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Hand in Hand Fashion Statements!

Summer, winter, spring or fall scarves are always in fashion & so are necklaces; both DO go hand in hand!

Never limit yourself to one or the other.  A scarf & necklace can be artfully combined to create a unique & cohesive fashion statement.

Think of your scarf as a blank canvas for your jewelry.  Mix colors & patterns, simply loop & tie loosely or get creative with knots & bows. It’s one great way to elevate your look for any time day or night.

A shorter length necklace can be complimented by letting your scarf scoop just below the necklace then tie it loosely. For a longer and/or multi-strand necklace you can intertwine the scarf strategically in & around the layers of the necklace making sure that your focal pendant and/or strands are in view either peeking out from just under under or laying over top of the scarf.

You may have to check or adjust them a once or twice while wearing but that just allows you to look at & enjoy your accessories all that much more.

Make sure that you choose jewelry that is compatible with your scarf fabric so that they are not fighting each other - and you (jewelry getting caught up in fabric, fabric getting snagged - ugh!).

Give it a try; be bold & live beautiful!

With timeless jewelry that is always in fashion - 

Warm regards,


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