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Hip, Happening + History on Vintage Hats & My Jewelry

Hip-Happening-Suzanne Valeriano-Vintage-Western-Hat-Handmade-Statement-Jewelry
Making a Statement in my Vintage Western Hat & Handmade Vintage Inspired Jewelry

This is a perfect example of all things going full circle.

I was absolutely thrilled to receive a western style vintage hat gifted to me by a dear friend; it was her grandmothers!

I love hats, especially vintage ones; I have many & wear them often.

This hat was made in the USA by the George W. Bollman Hat Company, an American company founded in1868 who is still in business today, headquartered in Adamstown, PA.  The designer label inside reads “Styled by Coralie”.

Even though this hat dates back to the early 1940’s (I’m quessing - it could be older) look how relevant it is with today’s fashion.  It couldn’t be a more perfect choice to go with with my outfit & my jewelry. I got so many compliments!  

This just goes to show that classic styles never go out of fashion.  Whether it’s a hat, jewelry or some other fashion statement, unique style & quality is timeless & it always looks amazing!

My handmade jewelry is inspired by classic vintage styles and is designed with elements, components, parts & pieces from years gone by that impart nostalgia & elegance that will remain relevant for many years to come.

Make your own fashion statement. Come take a look & find something strikingly you for your unique style!  

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