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How do you navigate the roads less traveled in your personal journey . . .

The roads we travel are our individual situations to navigate. It's the life choices to make, career paths to follow and dreams and ideas to explore. No matter what path we choose we will always experience challenges or detours along the way.

These detours can be associated with some degree of fear, apprehension or insecurity that is ingrained in our personality.

There are seasons in life, circumstances that are out of our control, uncertainty about what each day will bring; and the list goes on.

On a very basic level for me personally I don’t enjoy driving, especially on highways. I will take a longer route to avoid a highway anytime I can in an effort to stay in my comfort zone. However, there are times when a highway can't be avoided and I have to decide whether to make the effort to push beyond my comfort zone to be at and experience whatever it is that is before me.

It doesn’t matter what it is, how simple or complicated it seems, it's real. Every bit of it matters; none of it is insignificant.

What I try to recognize and remind myself of is that I/we as humans are a work in progress. We will continue to evolve through the entire course of our lives in many ways, good or bad no matter what; it’s physics.

When we choose to take a road less traveled, it may be a challenge. Who I am kidding; it is always challenge! When we push past our insecurity, worry and/or fear it is rewarding on a very personal level that can’t easily be described, except to say that it usually feels pretty damn good!

Taking a small action can also be empowering. Let your hair down for a change, wear something that you wouldn't typically consider for yourself or put on a bold new pair of earrings that everyone is going to notice. Take a leap of faith and go beyond your comfort zone just a bit to see what happens.

Put one foot in front of the other and take one step at a time. Dare to tread down a road less traveled and push through the detours and obstacles. It just may lead you to the best version of who you can possibly be in this chapter of your life.

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