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Mandala, A Circle of Inspiration & Imagination . . .

Mandala means circle and it symbolizes a concept that life is never ending and everything is connected. It also has spiritual connotation to the universe and the journey within.

It reminds us that if we can find harmony in how we are united in this cosmos, we can come to a place of our own understanding that guides us to a purpose, to our passions and to the whole of humanity.

The vintage mandala pendant used in Mother Mandala Necklace is carved from black lip mother of pearl shell which has its own significance. Native to Tahiti, the black lip shell has a gray/black nacre layer that reflects a fascinating halo of colors. It is said to have been designated in history as a symbol of peace and humankind. Black lip shell is widely used in carved jewelry components and those who wear it will feel proud and confident.

This mandala pendant is embellished with a silver plated brass rose, brass filigree, a vintage opalescent crystal and a vintage black diamond faceted oval glass drop. Vintage grey Czech glass snail pearls are hand wire-wrapped along with vintage Swarovski crystal beads to complete this unique one-of-a-kind piece.

Mother Mandala Necklace is a stunning representation of history, artistry, individuality, color and beauty.

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