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How has quarantine sparked your creative genius . . . or chaos ?

Working, learning, planning, planting, socializing, vacationing, etc. makes for a typically busy time when the weather turns warm & the spring/summer season is upon us.  At any other place & time it would be “business as usual”.

This year, as this unique situation presented itself, we have all been forced to resort to a reckless abandon of sorts, I know I have been.  Spending time alone for someone like me is not a bad thing; I actually need lots of quiet, creative time.  However, under these unprecendented circumstances I really needed something to distract me, inspire me, motivate me - just take me away, even if just for a short time.

This photo is evidence of my frenzied participation in a virtual creative workshop delivered by a dear friend & mentor Brenda Sue Lansdowne, Owner of B'Sue Boutiques who is a valued online resource for vintage & reproduction components & a wonderfully generous teacher of all things jewelry. 

At any other time I most likely would not have entertained the idea to engage with this workshop. But in quarantine it was just what the doctor ordered!  As a result of this 3-day workshop I created upwards of 18 (yes!-18) new original, one of a kind, finished jewelry designs. Stay tuned - they will be coming to my online store soon. (In the meantime you can get a look-see at other What's New jewelry just listed here.)

Going in I honestly didn’t have high expectations for myself; I knew I needed a distraction but wasn’t sure what, if anything would develop from it.  This outcome totally blew me away!

From this experience & these uncertain times I will try to remember to expect the unexpected, embrace offerings & opportunities as they present themselves, lean on providence, let go, seek an adventure & welcome growth to emerge.

With timeless jewelry that’s always in fashion - 

Warm regards,


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