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It’s Not Nothin’ About Jewelry!

For much of last week I was consumed by the task & how-to’s of making a reliable, washable fabric protective face mask.  With new government recommendations & mandates being released, I needed one & so did some of my dear friends & family.   Fortunately I know how to sew & knew that I could do this.  Limited to the supplies I had on hand, I dug out & dusted off my sewing machine & went to work.  I ended up making about a dozen, which was just enough for the requests that I had on hand.  I sanitized, labeled, bagged & delivered them all before the week was over.

I had initially decided not to post about this; it’s the reason why I didn’t bother to take a photo of all of the completed masks before I delivered them.  In hindsight though I decided that this experience for me & for many other makers who have been making protective face masks over the past weeks deserves a place on our timelines, in our blogs & social media posts.   It’s a part of our history that is nothing like we have ever seen before.  It’s not a happy time by any means but it’s evidence of a time when we chose to come together & help in a way that we could.

Rumor has it that we could be encouraged and/or mandated to continue to wear masks daily as we get back to life & work for up to as long as a year or so!

I’m hoping that will not be the case. If it is however, I will prepare to be more creative, using whimsical fabrics, ties & embellishments the next time around. After all, I am a jewelry artist/maker & bling is my thing!

With timeless jewelry that's always in fashion -

Warm regards,


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