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Looking at Vintage in a New Light!

Vintage / Perfume / Atomizer / Crystal / Italian / Lucite / Patina / Green / Stylized / Stampings / Necklace /Earrings
Vintage Perfume Necklace & Stylized Earrings - SOLD!

Vintage Sheet Music becomes Framed Art and a Vintage Perfume Atomizer Crystal Top (from a broken bottle) becomes the Focal of an Original, One-of-a-Kind Statement Necklace!

Some things are meant to be enjoyed generation after generation.

These vintage elements are seen here in a new light and with new life.

This Vintage Perfume Necklace sparkles brilliantly; it's so proud & joyful! It combines beautifully with the warm translucent glow of the chunky vintage Italian lucite beads and vintage patina'd stylized stampings. Soft & feminine; this one is really special!

Stylized Earrings go hand in hand to compliment, complete and create the perfect jewelry ensemble.

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