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Past, Present, Future - Costume Jewelry

“Real or fake, does it really matter?  It is the beauty that counts, the boldness, the colors, the effect.”     Paloma Piccaso  - (Preface - Costume Jewelry in Vogue by Jane Mulvagh 1988)

On Queue! Effortless Style Vintage Inspired Statement Earrings - SOLD!

Superb artistry & skill are first to come to mind when I think of vintage costume jewelry.

Handwork is the most valuable ingredient in costume jewelry; it's a work of art.

Unique design, style, variety & value remain a constant force in today’s fashion.   Innovators, artists & designers of the past provide inspiration for current jewelry styles & trends  and will continue to influence for many years into the future.  I am humbled by their genius! Driven by my long-time love & admiration of vintage fashion, the class, the drama & the elegance of the past, I take lessons, inspiration, passion, pieces & parts of history to bring my version of vintage fashion jewelry into the world.  Costume jewelry is timeless, expressive & fun. It is the most versatile accessory.   Easily changed, it can elevate the simplest outfit.  It should be enjoyed & played with. Go for it! Take a look; have fun! With timeless jewelry that’s always in fashion - 

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