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Reincarnated Vintage Crystal Jewelry

Vintage / Crystal / Circa 1950 / Statement / Necklace / Repurposed / On Trend / Summer / Setting
Reincarnated Vintage Crystal Strands Necklace

I love how by just adding additional vintage elements & chain, an original circa 1950's vintage crystal strand necklace can be responsibly repurposed, creating a new contemporary design statement necklace that is totally on trend.

Vintage / Crystal / Statement / Necklace / Circa 1950 / Repurposed / Close-Up / Detail
Reincarnated Vintage Crystal Statement Necklace

I am not sure if I can let this one go. If you are really interested in owning this unique recreation, please contact me here via my contact page.

P.S. I also have vintage cross statement earrings to match this one!

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