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Vintage Inspired Jewelry - A Girl & A Goddess

Vintage Ephemera Girl In Hat & Goddess Druzy Necklace & Earrings

As a long time collector of all things vintage I have always been drawn to vintage jewelry, prints, portraits, advertisements, etc. that feature a demure feminine face. I feel an emotional connection in their expressions and I am always taken back by the simple, purest beauty displayed in these images. Maybe that's why we see so much "portrait jewelry" in the market place; it has always been very popular. After all what can be more appealing than a beautiful, visual, emotional connection that can adorn & empower you! We can always count on sentiment & emotion to play a significant role in what we choose to buy, wear & cherish.

Here I have combined a vintage French stamping that depicts a graceful goddess beauty with the more contemporary organic, natural sparkle & brilliant color of a titanium agate druzy slice to create this unique jewelry design. Vintage Haskell opal quartz beads with gold plated fancy caps & vintage gold plated patterned chain complete the authenticity and vintage appeal of this statement necklace, not to mention - matching earrings!

Find a large collection of original design, vintage inspired, handmade, one-of-a-kind statement necklaces - and matching earrings in my on-line store.

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