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Vintage jewelry is a vast wonderful genre.

No matter how precious or common the jewelry may be, each time I look at a piece of vintage jewelry it causes me to wonder "What is the story that comes with this wonderful piece of fashion history?”.

Sometimes I know where or who it came from, but in most cases I am left to my imagination to perceive a story based on what is visually evident. Basic design and style can provide the approximate age or period. Materials and marks will determine the monetary and/or collector value. Physical condition gives a glimpse into the type of journey it has taken thus far, etc.

Rescuing and responsibly repurposing vintage jewelry, old stock components, parts and pieces offers a place for history in the here and now and provides an opportunity for these items to continue on a journey, to make new memories, to remain relevant. It also gives appreciation for the value and beauty that comes with age and patina.

The opportunity for new life in what many would consider cast-offs is what moves me. I find warm nostalgia in the history and great potential for the future of every part and piece of vintage fashion jewelry I meet.

Choosing new one-of-a-kind art jewelry gives permission for a story to continue, change and evolve. It has such potential for meaning, purpose and sentiment for the individual who chooses to own it or gift it.

Vintage jewelry in any form promises to evoke a story with thought and sentiment.

Vintage jewelry used in creating a new and unique art piece promises to become part of a legacy.

"Jewelry has the power to be the the one little thing that makes you feel unique.”

- Elizabeth Taylor

Your new art jewelry will set you apart. As you wear it with joy and confidence, you will be immediately recognized as a person of integrity who appreciates art, history, style, fashion and humanity.

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