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What do you think the psychological effects of color may have on you . . .

Have you ever thought about how your favorite colors make you feel?

Simply put, colors can affect our mood and emotions.

Overall, certain colors can be calming and relaxing. Others may make you feel excited, anxious, happy or sad.

Colors can be associated with romance, purity, mourning and celebration. Some can even impact behavior and performance.

Events, seasons and holidays can be recognized by their symbolic colors.

Colors may also have significant meanings in different cultures, customs and folklore.

Our visual perception of this spectrum of light we call color is also very personal.

Without giving much thought we seem to choose those that immediately appeal to our senses.

We already know instinctively what colors we are drawn to and may in some instances have to be convinced otherwise if an alternate choice is required or encouraged.

I’m sure that I am in the majority when I say that I definitely have my favorite colors and don’t really know why. I just like what I like plain and simple - and that’s a perfectly fine way to look at it.

I find it interesting though to explore the concept of this science and potentially use in ways that could enhance the “colors” in my life. It opens up a brand new way to engage with color and it entices me to try, work with, and wear new colors that could add meaning, purpose, value and experience to the repertoire of my being.

RuPaul says it best, “Life is about using the whole box of crayons.”

What are your favorite colors? I’m sure you can find some of them right here.

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