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What is Luxury . . . defines luxury as a material object, service, etc. conducive to sumptuous living, usually a delicacy, elegance or refinement of living rather than a necessity and/or a pleasure out of the ordinary allowed to oneself.

Luxury Handmade Embroidered Linen Face Mask Rio Handmade Gift Collection
Luxury Handmade Embroidered Linen Face Mask by Rio Handmade

When curating Simple Elegance Handmade boxed gift collection it was important for me to include items with elements of luxury but that also provide a practical purpose.

Rio Handmade linen protective face masks definitely have a luxury look and feel! They are soft and supple, easy fitting and beautifully handcrafted. Rio Handmade offers a large selection of colors and also include styles with pretty decals and elegant embroidery. This makes them an easy choice if you are looking for a coordinating color for a special occasion, a specific outfit or theme.

Rio Handmade is a family-owned business based in Pittsburgh, PA. They started making face masks during the pandemic because of a need in the local community for face coverings, initially giving them out free of charge. Rio Handmade then added the offering(s) to their on-line store and Etsy shop. They came up with a great design, found the most suitable fabrics and put their creative spin on them to make them unique and special! I find this mask to be one of the softest, easiest and breathiest to wear of all of the fabric masks I have tried to date.

Rio Handmade is a perfect compliment to Simple Elegance Handmade boxed gift collection, which includes two of their face masks, one each in natural and black linen.

Curated Gift Collection for Mothers Day Luxury Handmade Candles Bath Bombs Pearl Jewelry Linen Face Masks
Simple Elegance Handmade Curated Collection of Luxury Handmade Products (No Longer Available)

Rio Handmade also offers adorable crocheted dolls and animals, embroidered hair clips, tote bags, eye masks and wallets. You can find them online at and on Etsy at PittsburghEmbroidery.

Simple Elegance Handmade boxed gift collection is available now as a PRE-ORDER for Mother’s Day delivery.

Simple Elegance Handmade Luxury Boxed Gift Collection Gift Wrapped with Embossed Mother's Day Card
Simple Elegance Handmade Luxury Boxed Gift Collection (No Longer Available)

Simple Elegance Handmade boxed gift collection can easily be sent directly to Mom with your personal thoughts and best wishes.

With timeless jewelry that's always in fashion -

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