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How will you own the next chapter of your story?

"Owning our story and loving ourselves through that process is the bravest thing that we’ll ever do.” Brené Brown

What does this mean?

It’s really hard to take a good look inside for all of those experiences, personality traits, and genetic influences that make us tick. It’s not something that comes naturally and I believe that it’s a mystery most of the time for many of us. We tend to avoid taking the “long hard look” at ourselves; and for good reason.

It takes us back to childhood memories, some of which we now realize may have been trauma. This was a time in our lives where we were completely vulnerable with no control or choice over our circumstances. It's where we all began to become who we are today.

Many things; good, bad or otherwise indifferent, have shaped us over time. But, for some reason my thoughts immediately go to all of the regrets, mistakes, misjudgments and what-ifs of my life thus far before anything else.

Maybe it’s because these experiences are truly our life lessons and they somehow lead us to a greater understanding and compassion for ourselves and for others. I like this reasoning because it allows me to be more forgiving of my shortcomings, fears and phobias. It helps me to see in light instead of darkness; to give myself grace not criticism; to be a friend not a foe to all of my pieces, even the shattered ones.

We all have our own unique story. Owning it is a journey that we can bravely embark on if we choose to. And in the process we have the opportunity to learn to love ourselves through it, or in spite of it. Self-love will be our greatest reward, a prelude to the next chapter of our story.

Let’s begin!

Don't forget to do something or find something that makes you happy in the process!

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