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Authentic beauty; what immediately comes to mind when you think of it . . .

Beauty in general is a quality in something, somewhere or someone that we find gives us great pleasure.

It can be experienced with our senses, emotions and/or physical impulses.

I think "authentic beauty" is essentially the same but I believe it can be felt in a more profound experience that happens quite naturally.

Whether a person, place or thing, when present it can overcome you in a meaningful and almost spiritual way.

I almost always attach a feminine attribute when I think of beauty because the first thing that usually comes to my mind is a woman’s face. My attachment of beauty to the female face is most likely a cultural influence of time and place, but I also believe that it is so much more.

I have come to realize that whether I am looking at myself or another woman, and see what I could perceive as flaws and imperfections are really the elements that create a true beauty in a very authentic way.

The complexity in our expressions are cause for lines and creases around our eyes and mouths. Love and laughter, devotion to our children, spouses, family and friends; hard work, dedication, worry, pain and loss show up further as lines on our foreheads (and more lines around our eyes and mouth) as trustworthy evidence of the strength and tenacity we have put forth in our life endeavors.

I know it's cliche to say that “beauty is in the eye of the beholder”, but basically it’s true.

What’s most important to remember though is that we are the beholders of own beauty. It’s genuine, we have earned it and we should be proud of it.

Beauty is a fundamental human concept we can fully understand if we accept ourselves in our true nature. It's new insight for me that I am looking forward to embracing whole-heartedly.

In a lifetime where so much of our perceived worth seemed to come from what others thought and us not feeling good enough for whatever reason, it’s time to give ourselves the grace, love and appreciation that we most certainly deserve for ourselves - from ourselves.

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Warm regards,



Model - My beautiful sister Terry Young

Photographer - The talented and beautiful Brandi Cardenas of BB Photography

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Luisa Plazek
Luisa Plazek
Oct 28, 2021

You have a beautiful sister!!

Oct 29, 2021
Replying to

Yes - I do!

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