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What is your most loved flower and does it have special meaning to you . . .

Fresh picked fern (magic), lavender (purity) & zinnia (lasting affection) from my garden for your viewing pleasure!

Did you know that flowers have their own language and symbolic meanings? According to Wikipedia the term is Floriography and it's described as "a means of cryptic communication through the use or arrangement of flowers."

The language of flowers has been used through history in symbolic ways by cultures all around the world. I think we are all probably most familiar with how flowers were used in Victorian times to deliver messages that could not be spoken out loud. It could have been as simple a dialogue as a "yes" or "no" answer. Often a much more meaningful message of love, admiration, sorrow, distain or gratitude would have been conveyed by flowers. It's fascinating to think about how much thought and planning would have had to go into presenting a particular message this way. In some instances, even the way the flowers are arranged would add meaning to the emotion. The list is as long as the number of flowers you can think of. Color also carries specific meaning and emotion for flowers such as roses and zinnia. Herbs too, have symbolic significance.

I love flowers no matter what their meanings signify, but it's romantic and fun think about going the extra effort of applying their language if appropriate for an event or special occasion.

I use flowers for inspiration and design in my jewelry all the time. Use of floral design is organic, interesting, inspiring and uplifting. As humans we are naturally drawn to the limitless beauty of nature in all of its awe and wonder.

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I love to garden. I find solace and peace when I can just be outside alone digging in the dirt and tending to my flowers. For me, it provides a closeness to spirit that is hard to clearly describe. It evokes feelings of love, hope, prosperity, beauty, wonder, faith, nourishment and power way beyond what is of this earth. It's glorious and holy and so perfectly imperfect!

So go play in some dirt, plant something tasty and/or beautiful and experience the joy, wonder and glory of nature. You can do it anywhere!

When you're finished, come see What's New in the store. Click HERE to find some wonderful, maybe even meaningful, new floral designs to choose from.

With timeless jewelry that always in fashion -

Warm regards,


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