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A Gift of Self Care!

Simple Elegance Handmade was thoughtfully created with Mother's Day in mind. It is a gift collection filled with simple but elegant luxury handmade products that would easily pamper and please anyone, especially Mom.

Featured here are bath bombs by HeiDIYhandmade.

Self care is always a great choice for gifting. It doesn't discriminate on gender, age, status or relationship. Self care can be gifted big, small and everywhere in between. It can be purchased within a broad range of price, quality, quantity and aesthetic; there is something for everyone. It’s a pretty safe bet no matter how you choose to discern it and it should always be considered when gift giving, even for those who have everything.

Simple Elegance Handmade gift collection includes a sampling of quality handmade, non-toxic, all natural and cruelty free bath bombs by HeiDIYhandmade. Heidi’s bath bombs are beautiful and elegant, safe for sensitive skin and sustainably produced. I have used these bath bombs myself and love them. Use them every day or just when you need a little "extra" self care. They will always make you feel special.

Heidi is a Pittsburgh, PA maker who creates a wide variety of self care products for men and women. She is always ready to assist with any issues, concerns or questions about her products and ingredients. Heidi is also making a difference with her work by supporting her favorite charity, Eternal Threads, a movement dedicated to rescuing victims of human trafficking around the world, by donating a portion of her profits. Heidi continues to grow her business and looks forward to continued service to her community and her efforts of giving back.

You can find out more about Heidi and her products on Etsy at HeiDIYhandmade, on Instagram and on Facebook at Heidiyhandmade.

Simple Elegance Handmade is only here for a limited time and is available NOW for PRE-ORDER. It is an easy choice and a great value. Take a closer look here!

Simple Elegance Handmade Gift Collection - a perfect choice for Mother's Day! (No Longer Available)

Don't forget, this special gift collection can be sent directly to Mom with your personal note of love and best wishes if you are not able to see her in person this year for Mother's Day.

With timeless jewelry that’s always in fashion -

Warm regards,


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