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Beautiful girl, you have things to do . . .

I saw this art print in one of our local shops here in Pittsburgh and fell in love with this gorgeous rendering of an amazing female face and the words that went with it. It reads:




It resonated with me in a way that was visceral. It brought tears to my eyes, yet warmed my heart. I had to have it!

It serves as beautiful reminder that inspires me to want to remain relevant in spite of my age, experience and circumstances.

As a woman of a certain age I have already lived a life (or two) and sometimes wonder why not just sit back and watch while the world passes by.

What more do I need to do . . .

Some days the answer is simple and other days it’s more complex. I know for sure that whatever I choose to do at any given moment or time at this juncture of my life should be something that fills me, something that feels right.

It's not always easy. At the very least, I am committed to starting each day with gratitude. I will show up with the intention of trying to be the best person I can be, whatever that may entail. I will continue to stay engaged, to do what compels me, to express what’s in my heart, and to follow through. And, if and when hard things come up - well, that too.

As women we have the innate ability to hold everyone and everything together, and sometimes we loose sight of ourselves in the process. It's easy to shrink and stay small, work behind the scenes, put ourselves last.

This image and these words were presented to me on a day that I really needed them. I needed to be reminded on that day at that very moment that my patina is my power. I need to harness it and share it. Every time I look at her and read her words she gives me strength.

Remember, don't forget who you are and what you have to offer. You are, it is relevant.

You are a beautiful girl with things to do!

So carry on my friends . . . always remain true and most importantly - believe in you!

With timeless jewelry that’s always in fashion -

Warm regards,


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