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Who doesn't love bright yellow!

"Colors, like features, follow the changes of emotions" - Pablo Picasso

Is there a color that instantly makes you happy?

Aside from its purely aesthetic value, color also plays a prominent role in our our daily lives.

Color can have meaning and purpose by influencing our mood and impacting our thinking without us even realizing it. I believe that we often have spontaneous reactions to color at varying degrees depending on our own personal preference and connection to them.

Color can immediately illuminate our sense of sight and smell. Color can set a mood at any given time or place. Color can evoke a wide range of emotions - high, low and everywhere in between. Color can influence our thoughts and decisions.

You may choose colors that simply appeal to you, take a dip into the simple meanings of colors or dive deep into the spiritual and psychological significance of your favorite hues.

For me, I like dipping in to get familiar with the basics without delving in too much. Knowing that certain colors can serve a purpose or create a mood, I can make choosing them interesting and fun.

Yellow is a color full of optimism and happiness. Yellow is cheerful and energetic. It inspires enthusiasm and fun. It immediately lights me up!

Sunrise Hand-Painted Floral Necklace is bright and cheery in it’s captivating use of translucent vintage yellow glass and lucite beads that center around a floral focal (*hand-painted by local artist, Gerry Florida) that is mounted inside a hand-painted vintage brass filigree stamping. Soft shades of blue provide perfect accents in a contrasting calming effect while at the same time an on-center, eye-catching pop of red sparkle takes it up just a a notch.

Sunrise Hand-Painted Floral Necklace is a wonderful example of unique color and style. This is a perfectly good reason to love it. However, if you explore the interpretation of its colors you may find a personal connection and/or emotional reaction as additional inspiration for wanting to wear it.

The next time you put together a styled look, think about your color choices, how they make you feel and how they portray your personal expression.

Have fun with color and make it a daily adventure!

Sunrise Hand-Painted Floral Necklace is a one-of-a-kind design and it's available in the store now.

*You can find Gerry Florida's hand painted beads in her Etsy shop, FloridaRecycled.

With timeless jewelry that's alway in fashion -

Warm regards,


P.S. New items added to SALE and additional markdowns too!

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