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Inspiration is a personal journey and a power within.

“Take what you need.” Kelly Rae Roberts

What is inspiration? The dictionary defines inspiration as an inspiring or animating action or influence; something inspired, as an idea; a result of inspired activity. It is also defined as the act of inhaling; drawing air into the lungs.

Even though the dictionary references theology in its definition as well, it goes further to present a theological meaning in English that dates back to the 14th century which refers to inspiration as a divine influence upon a person by a divine entity. It's a divine dance between our souls and the universe.

Inspiration for me is all of these things. I can relate to divine influence that moves through me to take action on an idea, activity or project, especially within my creative endeavors.

When feeling inspired in this way it’s like taking in a breath of fresh air and in taking inspired action, it results in a manifestation of inspiration in brilliant tangible form. It’s phenomenal!

The beauty of inspiration lies in personal connection. It takes on unique form tailored to each individual's essence. It's a deeply personal quest, a lifeline that nourishes the spirit and fuels our journey through life. We all have our muse, our sources of inspiration that resonates and reminds us of our unique potential.

It’s necessary for all of us to find inspiration in some way, shape or form to stay connected to life and to humanity.

We may be drawn to individuals who have the innate ability to influence others. It’s a gift by those to be used for the highest good. To have the power to inspire is both an immense privilege and a profound responsibility. It is a calling to touch lives and to guide others.

Inspiration is a common thread weaving our souls together. It keeps us connected to our humanity, reminding us of our shared dreams and aspirations.

Let’s embrace the idea of inspiration, seeking it everywhere and in turn, act as a force to uplift others. In doing so, we can come closer to unlocking our true potential and awaken that spark of magic, purpose and passion that lies within all of us.

Be inspired! Come see What's New!

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