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Let's take a closer look at my art jewelry . . .

Every piece of my assembled art jewelry as shown here is similar in concept and construction, yet each creation is a unique one-of-kind composition.

Commonalities are vintage parts and pieces, old stock beads and components, repurposed jewelry, cohesive color and texture.

Here and there you will also find contemporary and artisan contributions included along with some reproduction elements.

At face value you might consider these items just a pile of junk jewelry stuff.

Personally, I would never!

However, I invite you to take a closer look to recognize history, a story, a collective, fantasy, enchantment, whimsy, nature, complexity, simplicity, collaboration and beauty.

Each unique design is a living, breathing expression of a time gone by, of sentiment and nostalgia, of ingenuity and innovation, of significance and appreciation, of heart and soul, of personality and style.

Art is an opportunity to engage yourself in something that truly makes the world a better place. It’s a chance to express yourself in a personal way. It’s something you can enjoy and share. It has the ability to enhance your life, put a smile on your face and warm your heart. It's a source of magic and joy!

Please take this opportunity to treat yourself or someone special to the wonderful world of art, specifically art jewelry.

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Slow down for a few minutes, even if just to take a quick look. There are so many wonderful pieces on sale right now to choose from.

Shop Sale on Sale - NOW!

With timeless jewelry that's always fashion -

Warm regards,


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