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Why Vintage - Why Jewelry?

I am a creative with an eye, a vision, an idea, a design, a finished piece. I see beauty, inspiration and potential in uncommon places and in unique things. I am a creative by nature; it’s part of who I am. I’m deeply in love with designing and creating new genuine one-of-a-kind artisan adornment using repurposed vintage fashion jewelry, old stock components and reclaimed materials.

Floral Elegance Bracelet features a vintage fashion brooch, something you might find in Gramma's jewelry box. It just needed a few embellishments to replace some missing rhinestones to become the star of this genuine one-of-a-kind vintage-inspired artisan cuff. SOLD!

I became introduced to reusing, repurposing, refinishing and recycling many years ago when my mother started buying furniture and fixtures from local tag sales as a necessity to furnish an old victorian house that our very large family moved into around 1970.

I was amazed at how she and my dad were transforming this very old and very large “handyman special” back to its original glory and were furnishing it with reused, refinished and/or restored furniture and fixtures that were lovingly returned to their intended purpose with grace, beauty and dignity.

A fascination with the history and story, craftsmanship and quality of period houses, furnishings, clothing and accessories began for me then as I followed their lead. I have been collecting, repurposing, refinishing, creating and recreating for over 40 years.

My vintage-inspired jewelry designs conjure reflections of the past. I often find vintage items too worn, missing pieces and/or too damaged to re-sell as is. I see their original beauty and respect the dignity of their age and patina.With still so much to offer, even if just as an inspiration for a new original design, but more often becoming the focal elements of new one-of-a-kind artisan jewelry. I scoop them up whenever I can to give them new life and a new place to be treasured and preserved.

I have already lived much of my adult life striving for the American dream in all of the traditional ways. I worked full-time in the corporate world for over 40 years; I was married to the same man for 37 years; and I am a mom to an amazing and supportive adult son. I own my very own "handyman special" house that has been lovingly restored room by room over the years, furnished and decorated the same sustainable way my parents did it, by reusing, restoring and repurposing just about everything.

I also had a wonderful opportunity to take my passion for antiques and collectibles to the next level for a time in partnership with my mom and sister. We owned and operated a neighborhood resale consignment shop that we fondly named A Silk Purse. It was a labor of love with lots of highs and lows that lasted for about four years.

A Silk Purse, “the shop” as we once called it, remains near and dear in my heart and soul; it holds a special place in my life and now as my brand as I navigate this artisan jewelry journey, inspired by all things vintage, the memory of my Mom, Dad and days gone by.

This is the second time around for A Silk Purse and another chance for me to continue to be creative, to share my passion with others who are reflective of themselves, compassionate about life, authentic in their unique personal expression and who choose to present themselves in a genuine and artful style.

With timeless jewelry that's always in fashion -

Warm regards,


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