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Remnants of History & Reclaimed Vintage!

Beautifully combined to create new one-of-a-kind creations, we can appreciate the rich history of something like a piece of vintage lace, think about where it has been, who made it, who wore it and the personal story that my be hidden within.

The lace used in Boudoir Earrings came from a circa 1930’s-40’s silk boudoir robe. (A boudoir set usually consisted of a nightgown & matching robe and was typically reserved for evening lounging and/or special intimate moments.)

When I acquired this piece the silk was completely shattered with no hope of preserving it, but the lace was still so beautiful and in very good condition. I gently cut it away from the damaged silk and stashed it for safe keeping. Knowing its value and potential, I knew that I would use it some how, some day in a very special way. Boudoir Earrings really highlight the detail, color and beauty of this very special lace.

Combining other reclaimed vintage elements such as pastel colored lucite flowers and drops, Boudoir Earrings create the same ambiance that once was and exemplify how reusing and repurposing items that already exist can create something totally new and exciting. We can treasure it for the rich history that it holds, imagine a bygone era, bring it with us into a new moment in time and allow its history to continue and evolve.

Combining remnants of history and reclaiming vintage is what I do best. It's always my conscious choice to preserve, reclaim, repurpose and appreciate what I already have and what is already here. I find that with a bit of imagination and a dash of ingenuity - the sky is the limit!

Come take a look!

Choose a remnant of history and/or reclaimed vintage and make it part of your story!

With timeless jewelry that always in fashion -

Warm regards,


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