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Some things are better together . . .

Such as peanut butter and jelly, bread and butter, spaghetti and meatballs are things that are pretty good by themselves, but they are so much better together.

When I think of everyday things that go well together I picture jeans and a t-shirt, a sundress and hat, a tank top and shorts just to name a few. These are easy choices that make sense and work for just about anyone.

Your jewelry choices can be just as easy when you purchase matching sets or ensembles. You don’t have to give a second thought to what earrings to wear with that great new necklace because for a few dollars more you made the wise choice to buy the matching pair.

Jewelry designers have been creating sets or suites of matching pieces for centuries.

A “parure" which is the French word for a “set” or “suite” of jewelry is a combination of matching pieces that were made to go together beautifully and intended to be worn as a complete ensemble.

Back in the day, depending on historical time and place, you might find any combination and/or number of pieces such as a necklace, earrings, tiara, ring, shoe buckles, hairpins or combs and/or a watch in a typical parure of jewelry.

I don’t know about you, but I when I am looking at a jewelry purchase, I am really happy when I am able to find matching pieces. It’s not always the look I want, but I love the convenience of being able to put on a beautifully matching set of jewelry and run with it when time is of the essence or I just don’t want to give it a second thought.

As a jewelry designer, I usually always try to have matching pieces available even though they are usually priced separately. You will find these suggestions on product pages in my online store where matching pieces are available.

As a special offer, and for only a limited time, you can purchase these three exquisite handmade artisan pieces (shown above) as a complete set for a very special price.

Don’t miss this limited-time opportunity to add a quick, easy and affordable option to beautifully characterize your unique personality and style anytime anywhere.

Here are a few more easy options:

Why not just sit back, relax and come take a look at all the beautiful things right here!

With timeless jewelry that's always in fashion -

Warm regards,


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