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What do you love most about transitioning into 2021 fall season . . .

Crimson Poppy Earrings are NEW featuring hand-painted floral blooms by local artist, Gerry Florida - SOLD!

Let’s start things off with a big pop of bright red!

It's official, the fall season is upon us. Now we can look to brilliant color displays in nature and crisp cool days ahead. I know it’s not the same for every area of the country, but here in Pittsburgh we call it "sweater weather".

The change of seasons, especially this one can be tricky for some. It’s somewhat of a interim period that leads into what seems to be a much longer winter season. It can trigger anxiety and depression more so than usual in some cases.

We experience shorter days with less daylight, much colder temperatures and in some areas varying amounts of ice and snow. We also have less freedom of movement and are living in more confined spaces during this time.

Initially, I love it! Who doesn’t love a cozy sweater and a chance to wear a new jacket or pair of jeans. Not to mention, did I mention? - I love boots too!

There are new episodes of our favorite TV shows and it's time to look forward to the holidays with lots of comfort food and celebrations with family and friends.

Personally, I love the holidays and everything that goes with them, but after the festivities are over, I just want spring to come - as soon as possible!

All that aside, I will find my solace creating unique, one-of-a-kind art jewelry to share with you and the world no matter what time of year or season I find myself in.

Art jewelry is so special and very personal. When you choose art jewelry that speaks to you, it will instantly lift your spirit and enhance your mood.

When you wear art jewelry, your individuality is on display. When you purchase art jewelry you make a rightful claim to your character and worth.

When you support artists and makers, you have an opportunity to connect with a community of innovators and creators who provide much needed beauty and quality of life to our society.

When you allow yourself to embrace art in any form you share in a special joy, a human connection, an experience that makes your place in the world significant; it matters!

Stay awhile - come see What's New!

With timeless jewelry that’s always in fashion -

Warm regards,


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Suzanne, What a beautiful display of work! Love, Love Love the Radiant Bloom Necklace and earrings and how creatively you blended design and color...all the work is stunning,

inspiring and "lusciously edible"!

Thank you for sharing your insights and artistry!

Gerry Florida

Sep 24, 2021
Replying to

Hi Gerry!

Thank you so much for your kind comments! This set is my favorite so far. Your flowers have been such an inspiration for me this summer. I have some of the large leaves on my work table right to put together some amazing earrings!

Have a great weekend!

Warm regards,


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