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What is your most precious, prized and personal adornment . . .

Precious can be described as something of high price or great value, something highly regarded for spiritual or moral quality and/or something dear & beloved.

Prized is defined as an estimate of value or reward or something highly esteemed and admired.

Adornment is an embellishment, decoration and/or an attractive accessory.

Fashion jewelry can be defined as prized and precious adornment as it pertains to its role within your story and lifestyle. It can be a unique conversation piece, an outstanding fashion accent, of personal or symbolic meaning, a classy representation, a dramatic statement, a sentimental touch, a humorous or sympathetic connotation or all of the above.

Adornment is a representation of personal style, nonchalant luxury and emotion that is subjective to your personal choices, aesthetic and values. You can decide what measure of meaning, emotion and personal connection your adornment brings with you for any given moment, event, season or milestone of your life.

"Adornment is never anything except a reflection of the heart." ~ Coco Chanel Whether it’s worn, displayed or just treasured, adornment is integral to our nature. It’s part of our human experience. The next time you are considering adornment (hopefully it's a new piece of jewelry), think about what would represent you in your very best light.

Choose something with connection and meaning. Let it be a true reflection of your heart.

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